Guggenheim Investments XBRL Risk / Return Summary

Extensive Business Reporting Language, or XBRL, risk/return summaries are interactive files that allow an investor to view, download, and compare certain information regarding a fund’s objectives, fees, performance, and risks.

Mutual Funds I ETFs I Variable Insurance Product Underlying Funds
Fixed Income  Risk / Return Summary
Limited Duration   
Flexible Strategies   
Floating Rate Strategies   
High Yield   
Macro Opportunities   
Municipal Income   
Total Return Bond   
Investment Grade Bond   
Alternative  Risk / Return Summary
Event Driven and Distressed Strategies   
Managed Commodities Strategy   
Managed Futures Strategy   
Multi-Hedge Strategies   
Long Short Equity   
Equity - U.S. Blend  Risk / Return Summary
StylePlus - Large Core   
Equity - U.S. Growth  Risk / Return Summary
Large Cap Concentrated Growth   
StylePlus - Mid Growth   
Small Cap Growth   
Equity - U.S. Value  Risk / Return Summary
Large Cap Value   
Large Cap Value Institutional   
Mid Cap Value   
Mid Cap Value Institutional   
Small Cap Value   
Equity - World  Risk / Return Summary
Enhanced World Equity   
World Equity Income   
Rydex - Equity Broad Market  Risk / Return Summary
S&P 500   
Russell 2000®   
Rydex - Equity Leveraged  Risk / Return Summary
Dow 2x Strategy   
Emerging Markets 2x Strategy   
Europe 1.25x Strategy   
Japan 2x Strategy   
Mid-Cap 1.5x Strategy   
NASDAQ-100® 2x Strategy   
Russell 2000® 1.5x Strategy   
Russell 2000® 2x Strategy   
S&P 500 2x Strategy   
Rydex - Equity Inverse  Risk / Return Summary
Inverse Dow 2x Strategy   
Inverse Emerging Markets 2x Strategy   
Inverse Mid-Cap Strategy   
Inverse NASDAQ-100® 2x Strategy   
Inverse NASDAQ-100® Strategy   
Inverse Russell 2000® 2x Strategy   
Inverse Russell 2000® Strategy   
Inverse S&P 500 2x Strategy   
Inverse S&P 500 Strategy   
Rydex - Style Box  Risk / Return Summary
S&P 500 Pure Growth   
S&P 500 Pure Value   
S&P MidCap 400 Pure Growth   
S&P MidCap 400 Pure Value   
S&P SmallCap 600 Pure Growth   
S&P SmallCap 600 Pure Value   
Rydex - Sectors  Risk / Return Summary
Basic Materials   
Consumer Products   
Energy Services   
Financial Services   
Health Care   
Precious Metals   
Real Estate   
Rydex - Fixed Income, Commodities, Currency (FICC)  Risk / Return Summary
Emerging Markets Bond Strategy   
Government Long Bond 1.2x Strategy   
High Yield Strategy   
Inverse Government Long Bond Strategy   
Inverse High Yield Strategy   
Commodities Strategy   
Strengthening Dollar 2x Strategy   
Weakening Dollar 2x Strategy   
Rydex - Money Market  Risk / Return Summary
U.S. Government Money Market   

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